Georgia on my Mind

In October of 2017, James and I left our home in Tennessee and drove to the Golden Isles of Georgia. It had been years since I had vacationed there, and James had never been. I wanted to show him the beauty of the area and take advantage of some marsh fishing while we were there for the week.

The first night, James and I stopped in Savannah, Georgia. We had been driving all day. Weather conditions had not been the best, and we were ready to eat dinner and turn in for the evening. We stopped at the Hotel Indigo on Bay Street and instantly loved the hotel. We were able to find some really good food in the Tap Room. If you find yourself there, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich plate is something to try. It hit a home run with me.

After we woke up the next morning, we walked around Savannah and saw some historical sights before we packed up the Land Cruiser and headed on toward Jekyll Island. It was approximately an hour and a half drive before we found ourselves smack in the middle of the Golden Isles. James had never seen the marshland of Georgia, and at first, I was not sure how he would like it. The marsh definitely has it’s own uniquely dank smell that permeated through the cabin air filter in the Land Cruiser. We forged on, and soon enough arrived at the Westin Jekyll Island. Despite its small size, the Westin did not disappoint. It truly rivals some larger five star hotels we have stayed at in larger cities. We were given a room on the top floor which looked straight out at the ocean.

James and I knew we wanted to fish while on vacation. The first thing we decided to do was fish at the Jekyll Island Fishing Center. It’s a diamond in the rough for sure, but the staff is super accommodating and thoughtful. James and I purchased some Mullet and away we went to the pier.

We spent a few hours casting from the pier and James was able to catch a fish known as a Sheepshead. Pier fishing is quite a lot different than fishing from a kayak. Reeling in a fish takes a bit longer since the pier is obviously a lot higher up than a kayak in relation to the water line. James lost a couple fish off his hook fairly quickly. My hook got robbed several times and pretty soon we moved over to a small bridge that crossed over some marsh.

We were more successful fishing from the bridge. The tide was coming in and so were the fish. My husband caught another Sheepshead at this location. I wasn’t fast enough and I ended up loosing most of my Mullet. I like to think I was just feeding some otherwise starving fish.

All in all, our trip to Jekyll Island was really good. James and I got to spend time together and we had a lot of fun. We found several Sand Dollars and spent most of our evenings eating dinner in an Irish Pub near the hotel and then walking on the beach.

We will definitely be going back to Georgia again sooner than later.

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