The Jackson Kilroy

The Jackson Kilroy is a 12′ kayak based on the same hull as the Jackson Cuda 12. The two yaks are similar in handling and tracking. However, the Kilroy offers the added bonus of additional stability due to the seating position being essentially at water level. Speaking of the seat, the Kilroy incorporates the Jackson Elite Seat and offers the paddler the option of sitting in either the high or low position. My personal preference is to be seated in the low position for maximum stability, although sitting in the high position definitely lends to a better view of the water.

I have paddled the Kilroy through Class 1 and 2 rapids without a hitch. I actually made a bit of a paddling mistake the last time I took the Kilroy out. I didn’t see a log that was hiding just under the surface of the water. I didn’t have time to make any adjustment to avoid hitting the log, so I skimmed straight over the top of it. I knew that I would most likely flip as soon as I hit the log, but much to my surprise, the Kilroy stayed completely stable. I felt the log underneath me, but I cleared it with zero issues. My confidence in the Kilroy went up tremendously after that experience.

The Kilroy offers plenty of storage space, with under the bow storage as well as a storage hatch in the stern. Despite all the standard storage, I use a Jackson JKrate Low behind the seat of my Kilroy. It fits great and allows me to carry a stash of supplies. The JKrate comes equipped with GearTrac, which makes the mounting of my GoPro super easy.

One of the coolest features of the Kilroy is the tech deck that is removable. I use the tech deck to mount my depth finder. The easily accessible pre-installed YakAttack GearTrac is also an added bonus to the Kilroy. The GearTrac makes for easy mounting of rod holders or any other accessories that the kayak angler needs. Additionally, there are also four rod storage tubes inside the hull of the Kilroy. This makes packing along four of my favorite rods easy when transporting the kayak from place to place.

If I could only have one kayak, I would definitely give the Kilroy a solid look. It is a fantastic all-around yak on both flat water and moving water.

My current Kilroy is a 2017 model in the color Rockfish.

2 thoughts on “The Jackson Kilroy

    • cjbennettkayaking January 9, 2018 / 5:43 pm

      It really is not heavy in regard some of the heavier yaks on the market. With the seat in the kayak during transport it weighs 72lbs. If I take the seat out, it’s a very manageable 65lbs. I also have a Jackson Coosa and it weighs approximately 68 lbs. I really like both kayaks. The Kilroy is geared more for flat water, but it handles Class 1 and 2 rapids really well.

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