Impromptu Trout Fishing

My husband and I were supposed to be on vacation this week, relaxing in our beautiful hotel situated ever so perfectly on the beach in Jekyll Island, Georgia. We had planned a fishing trip where we would be fishing the marsh for Redfish. Even though we had dreamed of this trip for several months, Mother Nature had other plans this week.

On Sunday, we made the decision not to fly on Monday to Jacksonville, FL as there were several weather reports indicating a high risk of tornadoes, hail, and high winds. This wasn’t just in the forecast for one single day. It was forecast for Monday and Tuesday, with lingering windy and cold conditions on Wednesday. We had planned to fly to JAX and then drive a rental car along the coast, stopping in Amelia Island for lunch at a favorite spot, and then head on over to Jekyll Island. Somehow the thought of traveling through all of that in some serious weather conditions didn’t sound too enticing.

My husband phoned the fishing Charter company on Monday morning and told them we had not flown down and asked could we reschedule our Redfish trip. The lady at the charter company indicated that she was actually about to call us and tell us due to the weather, the Captain could not take us out as the marsh would be so muddy and the fishing would be terrible due to the weather system. In a weird way, our decision not to go on vacation worked out for the best as we would not have been able to have fished even had we pushed on and made the trip, which is one of the main reasons we were going back to Jekyll Island.

After we rescheduled our trip, my husband and I did some projects around our house. We painted our laundry room, did some yard work, and caught up on some sleep. I had forgotten how much I loved sleeping in, especially on cooler days! Our weather has not been very spring like at all here in the middle Tennessee area. The wind has been very cold and with temps in the mid 40’s, it has felt much colder. Our rose bushes and other shrubs have been draped in bed sheets each night this week. I’m so ready for spring.

This morning, my husband and I slept in. We needed a break after a ten hour day of renovating the laundry room yesterday. I woke up, put some chicken in the crockpot for buffalo chicken sandwiches for supper, and then I heard my cell phone ding.

(Pic of the final product- Buffalo Chicken aka Kickin’ Chicken at our house)

I got a rather magical text.

Trout had been stocked in one of the skinny waters near our home. Our lazy morning suddenly got a lot better. My husband and I got in motion and quickly donned our wading gear and in a dash, we were out the door and headed to Trout heaven.

We loaded our trout rods that we keep set up for when we are in the mood to use our spinning reels for those buttery soft Trout and off we went. I wasn’t sure what bait I wanted to use. The last time I had fished for Trout, I used a fly that I would normally fly fish with on my spinning rod. Today, however, time was of the essence. I grabbed a Trout Magnet worm and tied it to the end of my fishing line and off we went. My husband used the same set up.

We waded through the crisp, clear water and found our spot. We began to cast and within minutes, my husband had landed his first Trout. It was a pretty Rainbow Trout. What a great start!

I continued to fish just off a pier of a nearby bridge, and finally felt the tug on the end of my line indicating I too had landed a Trout. My first Trout of the day was a pretty Brook Trout, approximately ten inches in length.

The Trout Magnet had paid off. It was the first time I had used it, and I don’t even think I had correctly set it up on my rod. I didn’t use a float or a weight at all. I hadn’t taken time to set up my Mini Shy Bite as I had planned. I had a plastic worm on a hook and that was all it took today to be successful. The fishing Gods had smiled for sure.

My husband continued to fish near me and found more Trout of his own.

We are catch and release only, so all of the Trout went back into the chilly water to swim off and either be caught by another fisherman or live a long and productive life spawning with other fine Trout specimen. I prefer to think the latter of the two options.

This wasn’t the week we had planned by any stretch of the imagination, but its been a good week of togetherness. No matter what we do, we always have a good time just being together. Now our sites are set on our Redfish hunting trip that we have rescheduled. We will begin planning and prepping for that. It gives us something to look forward to doing together.

The next adventure is always right around the corner.