First Bass of the Spring

My local rivers have been flooded for weeks now. Tennessee has been battered with rain again and again. My local waters have been hit hard, and conditions are simply not safe for kayak fishing at the present time.

Boredom has long set in, so to combat it and get out of the house, my husband James and I decided to make a trek to a nearby state park to do some bank fishing. I’m not a huge fan of fishing free a bank, but sometimes, it’s the only option.

James and I drove to Fall Creek Falls State Park and enjoyed about an hour standing out in the sunshine feeling the wind whip at our back. The sky was beautiful. A day without rain was a welcome site to us!

James and I recently replaced some of our older spinning reels with new Daiwa Fuego reels, so we wanted to give them a spin (pun intended).

I had debated on a few different spinning reels before finally settling on the Daiwa Fuego. I was happy with the reel as it worked flawlessly during the time James and I used ours. The spinning mechanism was silky smooth and the bail snapped into place without any fuss each time.

Over the winter, I had been reading about a bait called the Zman MinnowZ. I was curious about the bait and decided I wanted to try something new this spring. I tied on a MinnowZ in a color called Opening Night. It seemed to have been a solid choice as the pre-spawn Bass seemed to enjoy it!

My first Bass of the 2019 season was fairly small, under a pound for sure. But, it had pretty markings and put up a nice little fight. After a quick picture, I released the Bass so it can continue to grow.

My second Bass of the day was a little larger, and also had really pretty markings. It also enjoyed the Zman MinnowZ. Like the first Bass, after a pic, Bass number 2 was released.

All in all, it was a fun diversion from being cooped up in the house. A break from the rain was exactly what James and I needed. We are hopeful the rains will slack up as we move further into the spring and we can be back out on the kayaks again soon!